Are You A Registered Company?

While selecting packers and movers in Bhubaneswar Odisha, make sure that sure if they are registered movers and packers or not. At times people are part time movers or individuals. They will have incorporation or registration with GST , PAN numbers etc. This will let you know the registered address and other essential details about the packer and mover.

Ask For References Of Their Past Customer ?

Can you provide me a list of your past customers who have hired you for car, bike, home or home shifting and they found your service to be great? Ask them if they can give reference of some customers who are happy with their service in the past.

What Is Your Company’s Permanent Business Address?

Remember to ask about the permanent address of the packer and mover service provider. Always check about their whereabouts and verify it, if possible, just in case of any problem at least you will have a place to locate them.

Are You Willing To Put Every Commitment Into Writing?

A reputed and honest mover packer will happily accept this proposition. They will provide written quotation with all break ups. Never trust what they say, at the end of the day, paper will speak louder than the words.

Do You Have Liability Insurance? Are You Insured In Case Of Any Accident Or Mishap?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when hiring packers and movers in India. Moving companies in India offer two different types of insurance, transit and full liability. Transit insurance is cheaper and it covers damages in transportation. But liability insurance is one that is offered by moving companies themselves.

Can You Provide Me With A Breakdown On How You Arrived At This Quote?

The way movers and packers estimate the effort and cost is way too complicated. But you should ask for detailed cost estimates.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Payment term is one more critical things and it matters. Do they have a flexible payment term or not? Obviously they need some advance before transportation of the goods. Different companies may have different payment terms, but good players can offer you much more flexibility.

To Whom Do I Write The Cheque To?

It’s best to write the check to the business name and not to any individual in the business. You want the contractor to pay their taxes with the money that they’ll earn from you.

Do You Use New Carton, Wraps And Other Packing Materials?

Movers and packers use cardboard boxes to pack clothes, crockery, utensil etc. Always insist on using new or packing materials like cartons, wraps etc in good condition to ensure your goods will remain safe.